How to Make a Corner Bookmark

Monster Corner Bookmarks

Would you like to know how to make a corner bookmark?  We found an awesome tutorial for monster bookmarks (the kiddos are gonna love these!). Some books are so good that you “could just eat ’em up” and these critters look like they are literally doing just that!

These not-so-scary monster bookmarks clip onto the corner of your page, so you don’t lose your place.  They are not only super cool, they are also super easy to make…

On her blog,, Tally shows how to make these by cutting off the corner of an envelope (great way to recycle!).  If you want to start from scratch using card stock, she also provides a template.

Don’t like monsters?  That’s ok!  You don’t have to add eyes and teeth to your bookmarks.  You can use pretty floral paper and decorative edge scissors for another variation.

SCRAPLIFTER SOURCE: Tally’s page corner bookmark tutorial

Do you have any other fun and easy paper crafting ideas?  Let us know by leaving a comment below or using our submission form…

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