Do It Yourself SMASH Book

SMASH Books from K&Company have been selling like crazy in the scrapbook and hobby stores. In fact, sales have been so insane that the stores are having a difficult time keeping them in stock! No worries, though, as many scrapbookers are taking the concept behind SMASH-ing and making their own scrapbook journals, including this one from Wendolonia…

SMASH books are “old school” scrapbooking. You can jot notes in them, glue photographs, cards from friends, pictures from the kiddos, your own doodles, newspaper clippings, ticket stubs – really any type of memorabilia you can think of will fit in one. They are supposed to be slapped together, unlike many current scrapbooking techniques that require hours to put together just one layout.

How about a video? This video from K&Company should give you a good idea of what I’m talking about. Also, in the video, you will see many of the different accessories they make for SMASH books, including the date stamp, sticky notes, and the SMASH stick, which is an acid-free archival-quality pen and glue stick in one.


Back to my original reason for this post…

You don’t have to buy one of these – you can make your own!

I love the one Wendy made above. She went through her stash and picked out some of her favorite scrapbook paper. It looks likes she cut them down and used a corner rounder on the edges. She also found some other things for her book, including a trading card sheet that she trimmed to fit, decorative envelopes, and some things she printed off. She then bound it all together using her Bind-It-All machine.

So easy! And you know what, I think I like hers more than the store bought versions. Making your own SMASH book is really a great way to personalize your journal even more. So scraplifters, do you agree?

SCRAPLIFTER SOURCE: Wendolonia: Homemade Smash Book

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